MonoCab VRT Rapid Transit System


Australian Transport Network:-

The map below shows a possible, Australia wide, network of tracks. 

As noted elsewhere, all tracks will be above flood level, hence there will be no interruption of service due to flooding.

The length of track as shown is 23,495 km.  The estimated cost of this network is $141 billion.  This figure does not include the cost of vehicles or sails.

Compare this to the estimated cost of $114 billion for the proposed Brisbane - Melbourne High Speed Rail Track.





During public displays of our MonoCab VRT model, we conduct a written survey (name, address and comments). We also ask respondents two questions:-

Would you like the MonoCab VRT rapid transit system in your community?

The Response:-

YES - 99.42%

We also ask them to rate the system out of 10:-

Average rating = 9.54/10

You Can't Get Much Better Than That!!