MonoCab VRT Rapid Transit System


WIIFM - Benefits from the MonoCab VRT System

WIIFM - a marketing acronym for What’s In It For  Me?

These are benefits identified to date:-

  1. Reduced Government spending on new roads and highways.
  2. Reduced spending on maintenance of existing roads and highways (less traffic - less damage).
  3. No further Government spending on railways including for new rolling stock and high speed rail.
  4. Reduced Government spending on maintenance of existing railways (less traffic - less damage)
  5. Government income stream (if Government retains shares in the system).
  6. Taxation income for Governments.
  7. Reduced fuel imports - improved balance of payments.
  8. Faster, better, more efficient response during natural disasters.
  9. Less hardship and emotional stress for natural disaster victims.
  10. Reduced costs to Government for natural disasters - easier access, less use of helicopters etc.
  11. Dramatically improved public transport.
  12. Dramatically reduced public transport fares.
  13. Dramatically reduced commuter travel time.
  14. High safety and personal security
  15. No reduction in service due to wet weather.
  16. Greater travel freedom for the public.
  17. Increased public transport use.
  18. Reduced traffic congestion.
  19. Fewer trucks on our roads and highways.
  20. Reduced freight costs - lower food and consumer goods prices.
  21. Reduced number of road crashes.
  22. Reduced death and injury from road crashes.
  23. Reduced road trauma medical costs.
  24. Reduced personal losses from road trauma.
  25. Encourages population decentralisation.
  26. Improved provision of services (electricity, NBN etc.) using the track to support pipes and conduits.
  27. Reduced CO2 emissions from reduction of fuel usage.
  28. Harvesting of potable water if optional sails are included under the track.
  29. Track can support a walkway/cycleway if desired.
  30. MonoCab VRT will facilitate the development of the Northern Australia food bowl proposal.

During public displays of our MonoCab VRT model, we conduct a written survey (name, address and comments). We also ask respondents two questions:-

Would you like the MonoCab VRT rapid transit system in your community?

The Response:-

YES - 99.42%

We also ask them to rate the system out of 10:-

Average rating = 9.54/10

You Can't Get Much Better Than That!!